So you think you want to join our lab...


Well, I'm interested in hearing from you.  I am no longer accepting inquiries for Fall 2020. I am open to discussing potential opportunities to bring on another student for Fall 2021. Feel free to write me to discuss opportunities.


Graduate students in our lab are generally interested in using ecological theory applied to issues of environmental change or for the development of knowledge and tools to guide management.  Prospective graduate students interested in a Masters of Science or Ph.D. in Wildlife Ecology and Management should visit the Graduate Programs in Wildlife page. Ph.D. students interested in the Integrative Conservation Ph.D. program should visit the ICON website for more information.






Undergraduates interested in research experiences or senior/honors thesis research are welcome.  We value our undergraduates and the contributions they have made to our success.  We take full credit for propelling those that have gone on to bigger and better things, and we take no responsibility for those that have not.  Our lab philosophy is that we have an obligation as mentors to help students find the fields where their passions and skills collide, and to stimulate them to go farther once they find that place. We are where we are today because someone afforded us research opportunities as undergraduates. To not pay that forward would be to ignore the value it had on our own careers and an act of malpractice.


Please contact us here regarding your interest in our lab.

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